Alan Caudill Alan Caudill

Owner of Totally Awesome Images (TAI Photography) he started his career in Ky., where he grew up and learned to try different and unusual ways to take pictures. He also learned that all things are photogenic if you take the time to explore and use your imagination.

His love for Photography started with the first pictures he ever took. He saw the beauty in all things around him and wanted to share these visions with anyone he could. He soon realized that to show love and emotions in his work would take a lot of imagination. He learned to not just push the envelope but to rip it open and throw it away. "The love and emotion can't come out if you don't love what you do." This is why he built Totally Awesome Images, to allow him the freedom to play, and enjoy the art that is produced when you are not confined by rules that teach restriction on the mind and soul. Alan has won numerous awards with his unusual and elegant photographs.

Thought for the day (no no no) Sorry!!!
Thought for LIFE!

"I think what makes a really great photographer is the ability to see beyond the normal everyday things in life. Slow down and look around you - even the common weed has a beautiful blossom."

Lifetime Member of the
International Freelance
Photographers Association

Member # 72547

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